Brine Storage Solutions

Every year during the winter time we start to see issues with terrible road conditions. Snow begins to fall and roads just continue to deteriorate from there. Brine is something that is really good to put onto roads, paths, sidewalks, and other things like this to take away some of the risks that come along with roads becoming difficult to travel due to snow and other winter weather.

All About Brine

Brine is a mixture of salt and water. Brine is usually made from something called Sodium Chloride, but it can be made from other things including Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Chloride. A lot of times the different authorities around the locations that the bad weather is falling use to keep icy and snow from sticking to the roads. It is a very effective measure.

Is Anti-Icing or Deicing More Effective?

Brine is something that is applied before the weather starts falling, so it is an anti-icing method. There are other ways to treat roads including deicing which happens when pre-wetted rocks are applied to the ground that you are trying to treat after the weather has fallen. This process separates the snow and ice from the ground.

Anti-icing has been proven to be a more effective method. Anti-icing uses much less salt content than the other methods. Even though this method uses less salt it still achieves the same satisfaction that you get from other types of ice prevention.

Advantages Of Anti-icing

There are many advantages to anti-icing. These anti-icing advantages include:

  • being a cheaper method but also maintaining a safe road
  • get roads back to their normal appearance faster so that they are ready to be used in a safe manner
  • this type of road treatment does not bounce or blow off of the road which is better for the environment

Storing Brine In A Safe Way

The way that you store brine is very important. Brine is a very abrasive material. You want to make sure that your brine storage is safe and secure so that it is not ruining the things around it. There are many different ways that you can store brine, but some of the most commonly used ways are brine storage tanks. These tanks range in many different shapes and sizes.

Brine storage tanks range from as little as 400 liters to as big as 30,000 liters. This helps people who are wanting the brine for different reasons. Maybe you are looking to just store brine for your sidewalks or maybe you are needing it to treat public roads. You can customize the size of your tank to fit your needs. You can customize the tanks with many different things including pipework, flanges, fittings, and other things.

To Finish Up

There are many different ways that you can treat roads, sidewalks, and other things during the winter months. You just need to make sure which way is right for you. Brine has become one of the top ways of treating surfaces during the winter months. The most important thing to remember when using brine is to store it in the correct manner. As long as you are storing the brine in the correct manner then you will have no issues with keeping and using brine to help you treat surfaces so that they do not become icy. Brine is going to continue to be a great treatment plan for a long time into the future.