Why Tamper-Evident Caps Are Important

Tamper-Evident Caps

Tamper-evident caps are a type of tamper-resistant packaging that help keep products from being stolen or altered before it is purchased. While it cannot guarantee that your products won’t be pilfered, there are still many reasons why this packaging type is important.

Provide Evidence of a Package Being Opened

These caps let a consumer know if a package has been opened before it was purchased. Without these, they could be buying something that has been altered or pilfered. Therefore, many consumers prefer items that have packaging that indicates if they have been opened.

Deter Tampering

Caps can deter people from tampering with your product. This means fewer people will attempt to slip items into your product or alter it in any other way.

Deter Package Pilfering

This packaging deters people from pilfering or stealing part of your product. While pilfering is still possible, it is more challenging, and people are more likely to be noticed trying to remove items from this type of packaging.

Deter Product Adulteration

Tamper-resistant packaging prevents product adulteration or an item from slipping below a certain quality standard. In other words, it keeps any substances that can affect product quality out of your items.

Improve Closure Strength During Shipping

Typically, you will find these caps around the opening of your product. There are several variations, but they can all be found around the closure. For instance, shrink film, roll-on bands, and caps are all forms of packaging. Not only does this reduce tampering and product alteration, but it can strengthen the closure, so your product is less likely to open and spill during shipping.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Sometimes, regulations require that tamper-evident packaging be used. In these instances, these caps are necessary for your product to be salable.

Tamper-resistant packaging is typically known for its ability to alert consumers to potential tampering. Aside from this, it is great for numerous other things, including deterring alterations, meeting regulations, and improving packaging strength.…

Proper Care of Industrial Blenders

Industrial Blenders

Your industrial mixer is crucial for blending your ingredients. When taken care of, they can last for years. If you don’t take care of them, they can wear out much quicker. If you set aside time for regular maintenance, you can end up saving thousands since you won’t have to replace your machines as often. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Check Components for Lubrication

You should regularly check your mixer’s moving components for lubrication. This is a crucial thing to check. A lot of the moving parts are costly to replace. To reduce replacement costs, you should regularly check the reducer, drive, and shaft bearings’ moving parts and lubricate them. Most people do this once per month.

Maintain the Seal

Seals contain ingredients in the tub and protect the shaft. If seals are worn, materials can escape, and shafts can shift. Many different types of seals are common in industrial blenders, so you must check the factory recommendations for maintenance tips.

Check the Discharge Gate Operation

Unlike a vertical food mixer, these blenders have a discharge gate that can get ingredients and foreign objects lodged in them and prevent them from closing all the way. Therefore, you need to check the limit switch and ensure the gate stays completely closed when in use. Also, keep an eye on it when in use and make sure it is functioning properly. If your gate doesn’t open all the way, ingredients will stay in the mixer. Meanwhile, if it doesn’t close all the way, materials can spill out.

While it may seem time-consuming, it is a good idea to set aside time to perform regular mixer maintenance. This will save you from having to pay to replace or repair a mixer. In the end, it is better to perform these basic maintenance tips.…