Vacuum Excavator Truck Reviews

Vacuum Excavator Truck

If you’re in the market for a vacuum excavator truck, chances are you’ll have a few questions for your future supplier. Like what’s the tank capacity? And how versatile is the unit? Here we take you through a review of one of Australia’s most prominent vacuum excavator truck suppliers – Vermeer. How good are these guys in the vacuum excavation game and what can they offer contractors and businesses?

Vermeer Vacuum truck – how do they stack up against the competition?

First of all, we should mention that Vermeer is one of the market leaders in the vacuum excavation business – providing quality services to contractors for many years. But that doesn’t mean they’re alone in the market. The likes of Vacvator and various online marketplaces will all turn in solid results – boasting a wide range of trenches excavation. Dig a little deeper and a lot of the dealerships and suppliers are actually renting or selling Vermeer equipment as part of their premium range.

So why not go to the source?

That’s exactly the question every contractor and business should be asking themselves. There are huge benefits of bypassing the mass dealership and getting a quote directly from the suppliers themselves. Here’s how Vermeer stacks up.

Emphasis on productivity

Part of the Vermeer vacuum truck ethos appears to be their commitment to getting the most out of your equipment while you’ve got boots on the ground. Talk to any salesperson and they’ll run you through why their Vacuum Excavator Trucks are built to increase water pump capacity and generally give you better excavation power. So what is actually making Vermeer vac trucks worth their while? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Vermeer vacuum trucks do have excellent pumps and highly superior blower systems allowing faster and more accurate work.
  • Compact design. Vermeer really does put an emphasis on making their systems versatile and easily manoeuvrable.
  • Vermeer’s operator comfort and safety is one of the highest in the industry. With a fast-evolving industry you’ll want to find a supplier willing to stay focused on the needs of the people using the machinery.

And versatility?

For those wanting an easy skid-tow solution and want to forgo the clumsy truck ordeal – Vermeer has an excellent range of smaller versatile vac units that appeal to utility contractors, irrigation specialists, and anyone who isn’t using the machine every few days. These smaller units are perfect for smaller projects requiring less run-time.

What about support and servicing?

When you’re investing in new equipment – whether you’re the one using or leasing it out – you’re going to need to think about servicing and maintenance options. The ongoing costs of servicing should be factored into your budget – and this is where Vermeer comes through with excellent after-sales and training support. If you’re still tossing up between suppliers – it can come down to the money, warranty, and ongoing relationship with your supplier.